Wednesday 4 October 2017

Aggers and Bumble: Laughs, laughs, and more laughs, a brilliant night of cricket banter!

Now I love cricket, and I love the banter you get from cricket commentary. Obviously you can't beat a trip to a test match, but if you can't be there then sit at home and watch on the TV, or have a listen on the radio, and I particularly love cricket on the radio. Those cold winter's nights snug in bed listening to the Ashes from a usually hot and sunny Australia, or those gorgeous summer days spent relaxing in the garden to the sounds from another summer of cricket.

It's all of the above that convinced me, at the suggestion of a friend, to join that said friend at an event called 'Aggers and Bumble'. For those of you who may not be familiar with game of cricket, Jonathan Agnew, otherwise known as Aggers, and David Lloyd, nicknamed Bumble, are two ex cricketers who are now both household names in the commentary boxes of BBC radio's Test Match Special, and Sky Sports television respectively, and me and a friend had come to the City Hall, Newcastle, to hear them talk about cricket.

During the evening our two cricket legends covered many topics, some of them serious pressing issues, and others hilarious stories from the past, whilst some of them (Bumble discussing a tv talent show from years gone by springs to mind) where not even related to cricket at all. I used the phrase 'hilarious' in that last sentence, and to emphasise on that I can tell you that most of the night I was sat there in stitches. At times it felt more like a comedy night than a cricket one, but as someone expecting more of a cricket night I can say that this honestly didn't bother me at all and I genuinely had the time of my life!

The night started with our two hosts talking about the latest burning issue in the world of English cricket, that being the arrest of England and Durham star Ben Stokes for getting into a drunken fight at a Bristol nightclub. That out of the way Aggers took charge of the evening and started asking Bumble about his life and times, from growing up in the town of Accrington through to his life in the world of cricket. With Bumble the showman that he is, he responded with some hilarious stories and jokes, at time times taking command as chief comedian and having us all rolling on the floor in stitches. From childhood stories of his mother dressing him up as girl, to stories of scoring hundreds for England, and impressions of ex bowler and famous Yorkshireman Fred Trueman, Bumble had the audience laughing out loud for much of the evening.

Aggers also had some humorous tales of his own, including pranks played in the commentary box involving the likes of Geoffrey Boycott and Henry Bloefeld, and angry phone calls from fellow host Bumble. There was also time towards the end for a Q&A session, with local side Durham's financial troubles and forced demotion to Division Two of the County Championship a popular question from audience members.

That was it, an absolutely brilliant evening. But just as everyone was ready to get up and head out into the night there was one final finale, David 'Bumble' Lloyd does karaoke. Yes that's right, Bumble is a big karaoke fan and with 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond being his particular favourite, Aggers ushered him back on stage for an impromptu singalong that put the icing on the big cake that was our night with two cricketing legends.

Aggers and Bumble live from Newcastle's City Hall: 9/10

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